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New Orleans, Old Refrain

I heard or read a lot of bad things about the handling of this humanitarian crisis by the Feds, either on American networks or, surprise, surprise, on the main French networks like Le Monde, Libération, Le Nouvel Observateur, Paris Match or Télérama
admits Bert Latour on People Political as the New Orleans tragedy took the former French civil servant aback.
…headlines were, for instance, “In order to prevent more criticism, Bush travels to the stricken areas”, “Americans appalled by the weakness of their might”, “New Orleans: the shipwreck of America”, “The Bush administration is thought to have ignored the pundits' predictions”, “We feared we had been sent to this Convention Center to die there”, “Barbara Bush afraid of Katrina refugees”, “Titanic Bush”, “An adrift nation: when America appears to be an uppity, racist and amnesic society”, “The Fox rebels: when the reporters of the most reactionary news network sympathize with Katrina victims” and, last but not least, the September 8th Le Nouvel Observateur's cover: “True America laid bare: the hurricane reveals the cracks in the every-man-for-himself society”, even though Marianne's (200.000 copies weekly) cover beated'em all with its “Bush: the fall of the pyromaniac firefighter”.

May I take the liberty to laugh, now? I'd like to laugh about the way French authorities would have coped with a hurricane and a flood the size of Great-Britain or, to be fair and proportionate, the fifth of the size of Great-Britain (French population being the fifth of American population), say ten per cent of French territory. I bet the casualties wouldn't have been some hundreds of dead people but tremendously more and it's a former French civil servant who's speaking to you, you can believe him. Tell me again how many people died in 2003 in France during a mere heatwave? 15.000!!

… American Democrats, listen to what I've got to tell you: moderately criticizing your own country is your right and, to a certain extent, it's sane and somehow beneficial. Notwithstanding, never lose sight of the fact that, ironically enough, during the Katrina tragedy, six hundred thousand people, including a former French Prime Minister, attended La Fête De L'Humanité, the French Communist Party annual feast, an all-time high. Want an advice from a French Republican? Bushbash less, oreillywatch more! And stick to your capitalist guns, dudes!
Bert Latour is a writer who lives in France. He enjoys American politics. He is a big Fox Fan and watches with great interest the slanted biased media in his own country against the US and it's president.. He also understands that America is permeated by the same far leftist biased media.

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