MSM Headline Scoop: Who Does the Perpetrator of a Terrorist Attack in the UK Turn Out to Be? "An Englishman"

Reporting on the Manchester attack by one Salman Abedi, like all other MSM outlets, is the newspaper 20 Minutes. In that perspective, it is worth remembering that after it was discovered
that the March attack on Westminster bridge was one Khalid Masood, one French article provided the scoop that "The Assailant Is Allegedly a 41-Year-Old Englishman." As for the free subway daily mentioned above, it also headlined the critical information that… The Author of the Attack Was English.

Neither article — isn't that incredibly strange? — seems to be found online anymore, not in any case on their original respective websites. Reading the 20 Minutes filler from March, incidentally, it looks suspiciously obvious that the headline was not written by the journalist, but added by an editor. One with an agenda. But, then again, I repeat myself, don't I? Aren't they — MSM editors — all with an agenda?