UN Intervention Good,
U.S. Intervention Bad

Compare Plantu's March 18, 2011, cartoon regarding Libya to his cartoon regarding Iraq of exactly seven years earlier (March 19, 2004)… See any difference?

In case it needs to be spelled out:
• U.S. intervention (notice the focus on the (realistically-drawn) plane's undercarriage and its bombs as well as the hatred in the pilot's face) brings death and destruction, killing innocents (one of whom is holding a sign with the pacifists' dove symbol) and terrorists alike, and results only in weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth;
• while UN intervention (notice the focus on the plane's body — with its far more cartoonish rendering and its pacifist UN logo along with its refraining from dropping any bombs at all — as well as the good spirits on that pilot's face) brings but smiles, joy, and profound happiness, and — get this — doesn't even kill bad guys (Muammar Qaddafi), but only cuts the (evil capitalist oil) legs from under them…

U.S. Intervention Bad,
UN Intervention Good,
French Intervention Better