Il y a 50 Ans : "Abolissons les Limites de Vitesse Stupides"

Déjà en 1960, les citoyens avec un cerveau essayaient de faire valoir que mettre trop d'emphase sur la vitesse négligeait d'autres problèmes, tels que l'ivresse et … s'endormir au volant (conséquence directe de la vitesse… soporifique), comme le montre cet article de Popular Science (via Instapundit)… Et que dans les États des USA où les conducteurs lambda ne souffraient pas de la distraction de craindre la police de la route, ils étaient en fait plus en sécurité…
In what was considered a controversial article at the time, writer Paul Kearney argued that by overemphasizing speed limits, highway officials neglect more pressing problems, like drunk driving. Moreover, statistics showed that most of the recent accidents in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and New York involved vehicles driving slower than 50 miles per hour. More drivers died in New York after falling asleep at the wheel, hitting deer, or making various other "human errors." Conversely, highways with moderately high speed limits experienced less accidents. Kearney noted that New Jersey drivers were safer overall because they weren't so distracted by their fear of strict highway patrolmen, who had a reputation for cruising around in hope of busting people breaking the speed limit.


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