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The American People Have Been Great to Us Iraqis

Les Yankees qui sont humains et fraternels?!

Les capitalistes qui font des BAs, et cela gratuitement, sans rémunération!?

Le peuple américain qui "a été génial" et qui traite les Musulmans et les Irakiens comme des êtres humains?!

Ça ne peut (!) pas être vrai! Cela doit (!) être, cela ne peut être que, de la propagande!

Unable to get her [handicapped] son proper treatment in Iraq or Jordan, where she had been living, [Hala] Mousawy managed to quickly round up help in New York through her job.

"Imagine trying to receive health care for the chronic condition where he's been," [said Dr. Saadi Ghatan, the neurosurgeon who led the operation]. "It hasn't been easy." Dr. Kevin Cahill, president of the Center for International Health and Cooperation, hooked Mousawy up with the children's hospital, which agreed to do the surgery for free.

"The American people have been great to us," Mousawy said. "It doesn't make a difference for them that we are Iraqis or Muslims — they're just looking at us as people."

(Thanks to Gregory Schreiber)

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