"Absolument aucun reportage en Allemagne sur les développements positifs en Irak"

Et en Allemagne, les médias sont-ils un peu moins partisans qu'en France? Lisez une lettre parue dans le Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, et traduite par les services de David's Medienkritik.
Today, supporters of the war are no longer to be heard. Has it then, aside from the question of weapons of mass destruction, been so clearly shown that they were wrong? One could draw a better judgment if the F.A.Z. would not exclusively to report on the political development and the violent clashes. (...)

One hears very little about these positive aspects of the development in Iraq in the German media including the F.A.Z. Those interested are unfortunately dependent upon the website of the American government. I read there for example that more than 2300 schools have already been reopened, that the building of a further 4500 schools is planned in the next four years, that more than eight million school books have been printed and distributed, that almost all children are going to school again, that this year 950 million dollars are being spent on the health care system (under Saddam Hussein: 16 million dollars in 2002) that everywhere in the country women’s centers are being opened and so on.

All propaganda? Hard to judge as long as there is virtually no reporting on this aspect of the development in Iraq on the part of independent media. Next to politics and acts of violence, scandals, at the most, are seen as worth reporting. When Americans, in an unforgivable manner, brutally abuse dozens of prisoners, it is rightfully made into a matter which is reported on in great detail for weeks at a time.

But when it comes to the building of the Iraqi school system by other Americans, which carries significance for hundreds of thousands of boys and girls, there is, as far as I can see, absolutely no reporting on the matter in Germany. It would also be of great interest to me what the newly won freedom of opinion, for example in the universities, means to the Iraqis. But I have searched in vain, also in my Frankfurter Allgemeine, for reports on such themes.

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