Pas d'infos dans 8000 villes et villages irakiens ni au Kurdistan…

Leçon d'anglais :
Sortez votre article History tells us that most conflicts end in chaos de John Keegan dans le Daily Telegraph, et répétez après moi :
What monopolises the headlines and prime time television at the moment is news from Iraq on the activity of small, localised minorities struggling to entrench themselves before full peace is imposed and an effective state structure is restored. The news is, in fact, very repetitive: disorder in Najaf and Fallujah, misbehaviour by a tiny handful of US Army reservists — not properly trained regular soldiers — in one prison. There is nothing from Iraq's other 8,000 towns and villages, nothing from Kurdistan, where complete peace prevails, very little from Basra, where British forces are on good terms with the residents.

(Merci à Eursoc)

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